No Time To Explain Review

No Time To Explain released back in 2011 to some pretty bad reviews. Now, after a four year break it has come back on the Xbox One, as well as a freshened up remastered version on Steam. And I’m happy to say that it is actually pretty good.

I didn’t play the original version at release, but I have been told that it wasn’t good at all. This new “remastered” version seems to clean up some of the issues that people had been complaining about.

But, while remastering the game fixes technical issues, it doesn’t change the core game. Fortunately, I rather liked it. The story was simple enough, even though it was completely random. Basically, you’re by yourself in you’re house when all of a sudden your wall explodes and somebody comes in. They tell you that they’re your future self, but are then eaten by a giant crab and carried off. Basically, throughout the game, you basically chase yourself as you are carried around by strange creatures or machines.
Then there’s the gameplay. For starters, the game plays very smoothly, most likely thanks to the remastering. It’s also pretty fun and challenging. I found myself getting frustrated a lot more than I got bored.

However, it wasn’t anywhere near perfect. First of all, the controls were horrible. I was playing on Xbox One, and the most annoying part of this game was that the “jump” button was LT instead of A. While it would of been simple to make both of them options, as the game really only has three commands, all that happens when you press A is that it gives you a “pop up” that tells you the correct controls, like they are expecting you to mess up with that. This, plus some other glitchy controls, messed me up a lot. It wasn’t to the point where it was hard to play, but it was pretty annoying.


No Time To Explain is far from perfect, but I would still say it’s worth a try if you don’t have much else to do. I have played a lot of indie games that were better, but I’ve played even more that were a lot worse.

Rating: 7/10

Developer: tinyBuild

Publisher: tinyBuild

Original Release Date: August 15th, 2011

Platforms: Xbox One (Reviewed), PC, Mac

ESRB Rating: T – Teen

Buy: Xbox | Steam

*A copy of this game was provided for review.


4 thoughts on “No Time To Explain Review

  1. Played the 30 minute trial a few days ago. Interesting mechanics. I really don’t care about LT being the jump button, but it took a few minutes to get used to.


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