Website Review: LeapTrade


LeapTrade is a website that allows you to trade games with other gamers, and actually finds a way to give a good value to the buyer and the seller. Throughout my experience with it, which I will go into detail about in this review, I was surprised to find that this is actually a very good site. Yes, there are a few minor downfalls, but for the most part I really liked it.

What I Liked

  • First of all, there is no middleman. LeapTrade doesn’t take a cut of the trade, so the seller gets every cent that the buyer pays. That means that the seller isn’t losing any value from the game, and the buyer isn’t paying any more than they should have to.
  • Along with being fair, selling and buying games is extremely easy. In the case of buying, you just order the game and wait for it to be shipped to you. If that game isn’t available because no one has listed it for sale yet, chances are it will be listed eventually. In the case of selling, all you have to do is list your game, wait for someone to request it, and mail it to them.
  • The community is great. I asked a question on the forums and there were quite a few people willing to help. There is also an off topic section where you can go to just have conversations with other gamers.
  • Besides just trading for money, you can also trade one of your games for another person’s game. I haven’t had the chance to try this yet, but its nice knowing that it is an option.
  • Games go for the same price whether you have just the disc, the disc and case, or everything that came with the game. I actually like this because to be honest, all that really matters when you buy a game is that you get to play the game, not that you get some little pamphlet that came with it. However, if you do care, when requesting a game, you can specify if you only want a copy that includes the case or the full package.
  • If you still have all your old PS2 and Xbox games, there is an audience for those. And a lot of them are selling at decent prices as well. There are even quite a few requests for PS1 along with other older console games.


What I Didn’t Like

  • While it is rather easy to sell a game for one of the current gen consoles, if you are trying to sell a game from the last generation of consoles you might not have as much luck. I’m not saying that the audience is nonexistent, but it is just smaller. There are also so many games available on the 360, PS3, and Wii that chances are people aren’t just going to stumble across the game you listed unless they search for it.
  • There are a lot of inactive users. It wasn’t too frequent, but there were a few times when I got matched with a person to buy a game and they end up not being on LeapTrade anymore, in which case you have to wait until someone else lists the game for sale.
  • There is no option to sell codes for games. While this is something that might be added in the future, as of writing this review it is not an available feature.
  • One minor complaint I have is that the seller has to pay for shipping with a credit card. I completely understand why shipping isn’t free, and it is only $3.49, but you can’t pay for it with credit you have earned from other trades, it has to be payed with PayPal or a credit card.



LeapTrade is definitely a great service for trading in your games, and definitely provides more value than you can get from places like Amazon or GameStop. It is also a great deal for the buyer of games as well, because they aren’t paying any more than the seller makes. One thing I know is that I am very excited that I discovered LeapTrade, and will definitely be using it in the future for my preferred method of trading in games.

Rating: 9/10


Founded: 2010

*Credit for this site was provided for the purpose of this review.


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